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Jagoda Assists Values-Driven Leaders and Organizations to  

Achieve Meaningful Impacts



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Design and facilitate collaborative decision-making processes that achieve desired meeting outcomes while addressing challenging issues and integrating different perspectives.


Coach teams and leaders whose different styles, perspectives or expectations create relationship tensions, and help them find a constructive path forward together.


Assist decision-makers to make strategic choices, develop action plans and determine the right things to measure to increase the probability of achieving desired impacts.


Develop organizational process and structure improvements to increase productivity, break down silos and improve employee satisfaction and engagement.


Help new and experienced leaders see themselves more clearly and learn what they need to do to have people want to work with them through the highs and lows of achieving collective goals.


Run 4-to-16 hour idea sessions that help teams and multi-stakeholder groups find new & creative solutions to difficult challenges that keep them from making the positive impacts they hope to make.



Pronounced Yah-go-dah (accent on first syllable)

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I am passionate about helping leaders who help others. I love working with socially conscious businesses, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, unions, and non-profits.

I specialize in facilitating leadership teams and multi-stakeholder groups to address social, business and environmental challenges that require representatives from all affected sectors and the whole supply chain.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve focused on the human side of organizations in the private, public and non-profit sectors. I can honestly say that I've built up a robust toolkit of practical skills and interventions to help leaders and their teams tackle tough problems and capitalize on opportunities.

I’ve coached leaders, built leadership capacity inside organizations, managed large-scale change, and helped leadership teams make strategic decisions and build high performance teams and work environments.

Where others run from conflict, I embrace it. I enjoy helping people increase their skill and confidence when it comes to dealing with the more challenging side of human interactions. 

As a life-long learner and believer in continuous improvement, I constantly study, research, and attend conferences so I can bring my clients the latest and best ideas and tools to help them achieve their goals. Recently, I’ve been excited to add brain research as it relates to decision-making and design thinking to my toolkit.


Who is Jagoda?


"Jagoda is a true professional and very skillful facilitator.  My experience working with her has been in very diverse multi-stakeholder groups of both the dairy and produce industries.  Her ability to guide an agenda that allows for flexibility yet always remains on course is invaluable."

      --Preston Witt, Human Rights Director, Global Sustainability and Compliance, Costco Wholesale

“Jagoda has been extremely helpful to us in developing agendas, guiding us on our Strategic Planning process, and assisting us on developing better communication skills. In addition, she has helped me as President of the organization to sharpen my strategic planning skills and thinking. Jagoda has been an excellent resources in providing direction to our leadership team through our Presidency transition phase. This has been a challenging endeavor and Jagoda has provided sound advice and counsel to me and our planning team. She has been a true asset to our work.”

-- Arturo S. Rodriguez, President, United Farm Workers

"Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) began working with Jagoda Perich-Anderson in 2014. As a multi-stakeholder consortium of members whose interests align in some areas and diverge significantly in others, management of the governing board requires careful handling and deft political insight. For five years now EFI has relied on Jagoda to facilitate our semi-annual board and key committee meetings because she has demonstrated the finesse and discipline required to keep our members on track and focused on outcomes. Several of our board members have hired her for their own organizational development work. I highly recommend Jagoda to any group that needs help to work through contentious issues to achieve mutually agreeable results!"

--Peter O'Driscoll, Executive Director, Equitable Food Initiative

JPA Tango consulting has provided CIERTO with exceptional support and direction to strategically develop a growing recruitment and training organization working internationally. Personally, Jagoda has been a true asset in developing my skills as a CEO and her coaching continues to be a tremendous value as I move forward with CIERTO. I highly recommend JPA Tango for anyone looking to improve their own company and or organizational skills. Thank you Jagoda!!

--Joe Martinez, Executive Director, Cierto


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